Kiwi FX Bank

KIWI is an execution-only share dealing service based in Manchester, UK. We support those who prefer to make their own investment decisions with good-value, secure and reliable online services. KIWI is a one-stop-shop that meets traders requirements, removing the need for clients to open accounts with more than one firm.


Founded in 2012 by Kevin Ian Woo in Manchester, UK with the aim of providing a fast, fair, secure and cost-effective service for retail traders. Together with other experts in the Forex and technology industries, KIWI has a management team that has worked together since launch, providing a strong foundation for growth.


KIWI has grown in size and capacity since launch. With comprehensive research and analysis to support clients, many of these clients are trading at a professional level. In 2014 at the request of clients KIWI launched their ECN Pro. KIWI continue to listen to clients to provide account services that meet the needs of their customer base.

Cost and reliability

At KIWI we provide access to a range of different accounts and more than sixty currency pairs. You can start investing with as little as 5 GBP sterling or in Euos or US dollars. Our prices have consistently beaten those available elsewhere, thanks to our state-of-the-art bespoke online platform.

At KIWI we know that in the current volatile market conditions, it is extremely useful to investors to have negative balance protection on your account. Our automated Risk Management System has been designed to do just that.

As an execution-only broker, KIWI are able to charge a commission at a much lower rate than many others. Our commission rate is also low for telephone order, unlike some providers such as NatWest and Barclays who charge considerably more.

For investors joining KIWI, there is a zero initial cost. Commissions are some of the lowest in the market and have been since launch in 2012. It is important to stress that we aim to keep costs as low as possible and maintain our place in the market.

What is most important is that KIWI provides a reliable and quality service with ongoing research facilities to aid clients in their investment choices. The majority of our clients come form word-of-mouth recommendation, which is a record that we are proud of.

Research and Analysis

KIWI has an archive of historical performance and publishes their latest analyses in fact sheets that are available to clients. All news stories are shared so that investors can make the best decisions with regards to their trading.

Live Currency Cross Rates

KIWI Trading Accounts

KIWI offer execution only accounts to suit the different needs of investors who are comfortable making investment decisions on their own, without advice. However, KIWI clients have access to research that is insightful, robust, analysis to help you make your decision.

KIWI is a member of the London Stock Exchange and Euronext. In the UK, KIWI is authorised by the Bank of England and authorised and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority. Details about the extent of our authorisation and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority are available from us on request.


KIWI VPS Service

Stability, accessibility, customisation and control are just some of the benefits of a Virtual Private Server (VPS). At KIWI you’ll have access to our VPS just for your regular trading work. Our VPS ensures your trading platform stays online 24 hours. Our Dell PowerEdge servers with Intel Xeon multi-core processors together with round-the-clock hardware support with unlimited warranty make KIWI one of the best VPS currently on the market.


Why Choose KIWI?

KIWI is based in the Manchester, UK. We are a member of the London Stock Exchange and Euronext. KIWI is authorised by the Bank of England and authorised and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Traders choose KIWI because of our key trading advantages, best funding methods, safe trading and world class service.